The Best Money System

Monday, November 16, 2009

Techniques To Save

Savings is in defense of your finances. You need to
strengthen your defense before you perform any activity
investment (attack) and simple but very visible sebagainya.Memang
difficult. Only a handful of us who only succeeded in saving
consistently. Why is this happening?
Well the easiest tip to save is to consistently replicate
how you can save the EPF fund. How do you save with
EPF? Put your money before you pay received. So that means
the best.
Among the steps you need to do:
1. Set the percentage savings should be done every month. Start
the first and add a small percentage from time to time. For example
start with 10% of your salary.
2. Open an account with no ATM card. (Tabung Haji is between
choice). You can also use your other banks and not
requesting facilities ATM card.
3. Use online banking facility to facilitate
transfer money quickly and immediately. Even if you apply
RM2 per transaction. You will find it worthwhile when you see the results
your future savings.
Try saving this first step and see the result in several months.
If your salary RM3000, you can save RM300 per month.
Within a year, your savings can reach up to RM3600.
It can be used at the time you really need money, such as repair
damaged car in the middle of the road, pay your child's school,
pay bad debts, payment of hospital expenses and other.
Discipline yourself not to your savings. Try to find
other options first, and your savings is the last option.
Safe to try.